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My professional passion lies in tackling complex business challenges by putting the user at the center of the equation.

I excel in creating innovative research strategies and building strong stakeholder relationships in dynamic environments.

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I began my career in marketing and spent six years as a manager. However, I soon realized that I yearned for a more creative and user-focused career.

This led me to some freelance work, where I combined my marketing background with UX design.


I was immediately hooked.

UX design allowed me to merge all of my skills and qualities into one fulfilling career.

I earned my UX designer certificate and gained more than two years of experience in UX research, project management, and design processes at a leading design agency.

It's been over 5 years since my first UX project, and I still can't believe sometimes that such an amazing field exists.

For me, UX design is not just a job—it's a driving force. It's a combination of disciplines that constantly motivates me to research, discover, and elevate my knowledge in this exceptional field.


Now, having relocated to the vibrant city of Montreal, I feel even more inspired and connected to my work. The city's creative energy and diverse culture continually fuel my creativity and motivation to grow as a designer. I hope to bring this same energy to every organization and project I work with.




I'm adept at conducting qualitative and quantitative user, market and competitive research, sanitizing insights into conclusions to actionable results.


Project management

I specialize in project roadmaps, timelines, scopes, and stakeholder collaboration within end-to-end design processes.

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Diverse project experience has honed my adaptive and flexible thinking to tailor methods to specific situations and needs.


  • Facilitated remote and in-person focus groups to identify needs for a team collaboration tool.

  • Conducted usability studies on simulators for construction equipment operation.

  • Conducted literary analysis research on gamification in health management applications.

  • Led the redesign of e-commerce sites in the construction equipment, therapeutic games, and medical equipment industries.

  • Designed a complex biological system from concept to completion, including complex biological use flows.

  • Conducted onboarding usability research using prototype testing.

  • Collaborated with psychological researchers on a chronic disease-tracking tool.

  • Created a usability testing plan for a tool to build strategic business plans.

  • Interviewed school principals and teachers for the design of a national purchasing platform for educational institutions.

  • Conducted interviews and surveys of organizational employees to identify needs and pain points for a redesign of the Salesforce platform.


Let's connect and see what we can create together!
You can reach me on LinkedIn or via email.
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