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UX Designer owning research and wireframes (as part of Pitangoux).


financial client portal for desktop and mobile


Santiya is a stock investment company that invests in funds for private investors.
This project is part of Santiy's efforts to produce better communication with investing clients through an online customer portal.


We have created a client portal for Santiy's investors whose core is a dashboard that reflects a complete picture of the investment portfolio in different time frames.

• Empower communication with clients through up-to-date information on their investment portfolio

• Reflect a soothing image, increases confidence and peace of mind in the client's investment portfolio

• Answer any questions that may arise for the client using the portal regarding his investment portfolio


The unhealthy “Short-sighted” Syndrome

Investors' tendency to constantly check their portfolios and focus on short-term gains is a long-standing challenge. However, recent efforts to educate investors on the importance of long-term investments have seen success. With digital portals allowing investors to check their portfolio at any time, it's crucial to remind investors to focus on long-term growth instead of constant monitoring.

"We remind our investors to keep a long-term perspective on their portfolio even though the portal is now updated online.

 the  website should emphasize long-term success in the portal experience"

- Satniya Stakeholders

Build trust with our clients

Establishing trust with investors is essential in the financial industry.

Trust in our ability to professionally and profitably manage their investment portfolios is key.

As a designer with background i marketing with experience in finance, I can help increase trust and confidence through providing unique and up-to-date market insights and behaving professionally. Clients want to understand the reasoning behind portfolio management decisions and know that experienced professionals are handling their investments.

No matter what the conditions of the market. Trust is what keeps Santiy's clients with us for the long run.

- Satniya Stakeholders

Do not convert users' services to digital

Santiya is a unique investment company that prioritizes human interaction and telephone service over digital. The platform was designed to answer users' questions but also encourages phone contact with a representative, allowing users to switch between online and phone service seamlessly.



The portal needs to meet the 3 challenges: maintaining a long-term vision, building trust, and limiting the conversion of digital operations.
My goal was also to balance the user's interest and pain points with Santiya's vision as an organization


our chosen KPIs are a compromise between the user's need to be updated on the monthly status of the investment portfolio and the organization's desire to maintain a long-term perspective with the client.

Professional content, as a powerful tool for building trust, gets a central stage. The content is updated monthly and weekly and is adapted to the status of the portfolio. 

The return of the investment is measured solely in comparison with the market (compared to the benchmark). This graph allows the user to both see a return over time (quarterly) and also get a relevant comparison to the market.

There are many benchmarks on the market. This graph does not only show the quarterly return of the leading benchmarks, a click on a selected benchmark will select the benchmark for comparison in the left graph


 The transaction report allows the user to track the transactions in his account, whether it is a withdrawal or a deposit, and additional data for each transaction such as the return status at the moment of withdrawal. Also, the user can edit a report and download it as a file.


As part of the portal role in building trust between the user and Santiya, the professional content got a central stage. This is how Santiya's magazine was born. The magazine will always be headed by the content of the monthly financial reports, followed by professional content that is constantly updated.


Any report or document related to the user's account will appear in the documents area. Viewing and downloading documents associated with the customer was one of the actions that Santiya wanted to allow the user to perform online. The user can choose the view that is convenient for him and view and download his documents.


Santiya was a company that faced big challenges, despite its small project scope. The financial industry is undergoing a massive shift towards digitization, and it's crucial to strike the right balance between the personal and digital aspects of the customer experience. In Santiya's case, we knew that professional communication would mostly take place digitally, but we also saw an opportunity for face-to-face interactions when it came to account management. Through careful design and user-centered thinking, we were able to create a portal that met the needs of both Santiya and its users. What may appear to be a simple system on the surface is, in fact, a carefully crafted balance between digital and in-person services.

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