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Make every day a successful event



Splash is a task management app that can be your secret weapon in the busy world of event planning. With features like customizable task lists and project calendars, every event producer can keep all of the event details organized and accessible, helping you to deliver successful events with ease. 


Event organizers know how complex it can be to manage tasks involving coordination between multiple teams. There are many details to keep track of and it's easy for things to fall through the cracks.


Our tasks management app helps event organizers manage tasks and stay organized. It includes customizable task lists, project calendars, and team collaboration tools. It aims to be a valuable resource for event organizers.


My process started with I start by understanding business needs and user stories, then use wireframes and low fidelity prototypes to test and iterate efficiently.

Phase 1


  • Stakeholder interviews

  • User interviews and questionnaire

  • Market research

  • Competitive analysis

Phase 2


  • Interpret findings

  • Define insights

  • Set design challenges

  • Defining the problem

  • Personas and mindset

Phase 4


  • Implement a design approach

  • Wireframes

Phase 5


  • High fidelity prototype

Phase 3


  • Site map

  • Define insights

  • User flow

  • Visual concept

Phase 6


  • User testing iteration

  • Feedback

  • Iteration


We conducted competitive research and interviews with potential users to ensure that our app met the needs of event organizers. Our research helped us identify key features and design a solution that addresses the specific needs of event organizers.


  • Competitive Research

  • Interviews

  • Persona

  • Experience Map


Comparative analysis of task management applications, event planning, and team communication.


Repetitive features and advanced UX choices of competing platforms signal the industry-standard that we will strive to align with.

Centralization of all production needs in a single platform

Centralizing event production information and tools in a single platform can improve efficiency and productivity. It can also save time, reduce mistakes, and improve collaboration.

Advanced communication functions

Our app's competitors offer advanced chat tools, including video recording, document attachment, and messaging to multiple recipients, which help event organizers communicate and coordinate tasks with their teams.

Milestones and checklists

Milestones and checklists are essential for organizing and managing the many moving parts of event production. They help event producers track progress, stay on top of deadlines, and ensure that important tasks are not overlooked.

Priority indicators

Priority indicators are an important tool for event producers as they help prioritize tasks by clearly marking which tasks are most pressing, event producers can focus their efforts on the most important tasks first, ensuring that deadlines are met and the event runs smoothly.


To gather insights into the world of event production and coordination, we conducted in-depth interviews with 5 experienced professionals. We gather insights into their unique challenges and triumphs and learned about the fast-paced, unpredictable nature of their work and the crucial role of adaptability in their success. We used this knowledge to create a representative persona and experience map.


Meet Leah

Event coordinator at a large production agency.


Leah works with clients, production teams, technical teams, designers, vendors, and more, as part of her routine.

Leah's statement

I work on several events simultaneously for several different clients. That means many vendors, a lot of tasks and many people to coordinate! I can't leave anything to my memory when one miss can disrupt an entire production.

Everything must be mapped and organized.

So I can be fast and effective, in and outside the office.

Leah's needs

Fast communication

Having the ability to quickly determine who to communicate with and about what topic, and immediately get a message out, anytime and on the go


Efficient overview and customization of tasks with a single click, allowing quick identification of the next action to be taken.

Update and create in one place

Having all the information related to an event in one place not only saves time, but it also helps prevent mistakes that can occur when information is scattered across multiple platforms.


Initial production

 phase 1

Advanced production

 phase 2

Real-time event

 phase 3

Post event

 phase 4


production phase

Production phase

  • Price offers

  • Agreements with vendors

  • Negotiation

  • Assemble teams

  • Budget approvals


  • Create a new event

  • Create vendors profiles

  • Creating teams

  • Creating milestones

  • Create long-term and short-term tasks + Assign tasks

  • Enter budget information
    Uploading files

Advanced production


There is so much work in setting up an event and all its settings from scratch. And at the same time also get a lot of quotes from a lot of vendors and compare them. I want to reach a stage of closed agreements and defined tasks with all parties as soon as possible




The home screen allows the user to not only gain a comprehensive overview of their daily tasks. But also customize filters and arrange them in a manner that suits their needs and preferences.

Create and edit easily

Entering new information into the system should be easy and quick. Therefore the main CTA is to create a new task


The Task View screen enables the users to view and edit task details directly on the screen by clicking on the specific field they wish to modify.

Overdue tasks - raising a flag

Tasks that are overdue will be flagged, and the user has the option to send a notification to specific users about the overdue task


Each task can be tied to a custom milestone, empowering the user to strategically plan and track their progress towards specific, self-defined goals within the app.

Attention optimization

With just a quick click, tasks are prioritized and sorted by how urgent they are and to see what notifications or new messages may require your attention.

Anytime, anywhere

considering the dynamic nature of real-world scenarios, I designed the app with adaptability in mind. Using shortcuts to quick creation or send messages, notifications, and prioritize tasks for maximum efficiency.


This "Missed deadline alerts" feature allows the user to send notifications about overdue tasks to specific individuals or teams, including those who are not assigned to the task. The app suggests recipients who are assigned to the task, but the sender has the flexibility to choose from a variety of options.


When a user sends a message or notification to another user, they receive a notification on their device with the subject of the message and the sender's name, ensuring that important information is not missed.


Users can easily add a new task through the + button on the home page or through the tasks tab in the Event screen.

The user can:

  • Assign teams or individuals to the task

  • Choose to remain the owner or transfer ownership

  • Set a deadline with start and end dates

  • Create reminders and checklists

  • Attach the task to a milestone,

  • Decide whether to allow or block messages for the task.


The user can view relevant conversations and messages through the message center or within a specific task, and can start a new conversation with specific teams or individuals. They can also attach files, record voice clips, and selectively share conversations.


Each task is related to an event and each event is related to a client.
On the event page, the user can see all the information related to the event using the 3 tabs: Overview, tasks and attendees.


Our app meets Leah's need for a single platform to manage all information, tasks, and operations. For example, Leah can use the attendance area to view and update the guest list, RSVPs, and attendance, and can use the sales and marketing area to manage marketing, ads, posts, branding, and event ticket sales.


As an event coordinator, Leah is tasked with ensuring that every detail and task meets its goal. It's crucial for Leah to be able to easily communicate with others involved in the production and optimize her time by using a single platform, where important details won't be missed in the transition. Our app allows Leah to manage all aspects of the event, including communication, and attach tasks, assignments, or conversations to each aspect. This comprehensive connection enables Leah to smoothly coordinate every detail and produce a flawless event with ease.


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