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Interdisciplinary experience

As a marketing director turned UX designer freelancer, I bring a holistic perspective on complex business issues and management skills gained from my experience in both fields.

Expertise in research

Experienced in conducting quantitative & qualitative user research, including focus groups, surveys, literature analysis & usability studies. Proficient in obtaining actionable insights from the research process.

Project management skills

I have experience creating project roadmaps, managing timelines, and defining project scopes. I have managed client projects independently and I collaborate with stakeholders to strategize solutions and solve complex issues.

Adaptability and flexibility

I am Experienced in working on diverse projects with varying budgets across different industries, allowing for quick adaptation and flexible thinking in changing environments.

  • Facilitated remote and in-person focus groups to identify needs for a team collaboration tool.

  • Conducted usability studies on simulators for construction equipment operation.

  • Conducted literary analysis research on gamification in health management applications.

  • Led the redesign of e-commerce sites in the construction equipment, therapeutic games, and medical equipment industries.

  • Designed a complex biological system from concept to completion, including complex biological use flows.

  • Conducted onboarding usability research using prototype testing.

  • Collaborated with psychological researchers on a chronic disease-tracking tool.

  • Created a usability testing plan for a tool to build strategic business plans.

  • Interviewed school principals and teachers for the design of a national purchasing platform for educational institutions.

  • Conducted interviews and surveys of organizational employees to identify needs and pain points for a redesign of the Salesforce platform.

I'm Ella

I'm a passionate researcher and user advocate, skilled in creating effective research plans and translating findings into actionable recommendations. With experience in leading design and development teams, I thrive in fast-paced environments and enjoy cultivating relationships with stakeholders.



UX Designer
Self-employed, 7/2022 - Present

I'm a full-time freelance UX designer with experience in financial, marketing, healthcare, biotech, e-learning, and e-commerce. I lead complex design projects, utilizing research methods, and collaborating with cross-functional teams. I specialize in information architecture, prototyping, UX best practices, and concept development to high-fidelity specifications.

UX Designer - Pitangoux

2020 - 2022

I led UX processes for the agency's clients, including concept development, strategy, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, and conducting structured research to investigate user needs and competitor products. I led extensive research projects and conducted user testing to inform design decisions.

Freelance Marketing and UX Consultant

2019 - 2020

I provided expert marketing and research consulting, investigating user behavior and needs to empower clients to make data-driven decisions. I improved solutions by providing UX/UI guidance.

Marketing Manager - Analyst

2017 - 2021 

Developed a B2C and B2B plan for three subsidiaries, lead the design of a marketing website and online service portals and created new digital assets for rebranding and digital transformation.

Marketing Manager - Top Alpha

2014 - 2017

Created an impactful marketing strategy, set goals, and established timeframes leading to improved conversion rates.

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I'm flattered :)
Instead of exercising my biceps or triceps, I get excited by stretching my 'brain muscles' through deep thinking and research. This introspection allows me to digest complex information and ideas before effectively communicating them to others.
When something doesn't work as intended, I see it as an opportunity to analyze the symptoms, identify the problem, and find a solution. Perhaps even restoring it to its former glory...
I have a positive spirit, generously giving praise, grateful for people and circumstances, and always finding the positive in every situation. In my opinion, this is key to motivating people and mitigating conflicts.
Smiling Sun.png
I have a passion for communication. To me, presentation and communication are paramount. Even if you have the best idea or concept, the way you present it makes all the difference.

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